Thursday, December 17, 2009
The Pains of Being a Klutz

Here's the facts:
-Yesterday Goose and I made the candies for her cookie exchange at school.
-While chopping something completely unrelated to the candies I cut my thumb sort of deep.

Here's the results:
-Goose flipped out at the sight of the blood and wouldn't let me come near her for a good hour. (Though after watching the "sort of scary" Night at the Museum 2, she let me cuddle with her, just with my thumb away).

-My friend attempted to subtly put our candies in the pile I know to be her garbage pile after Goose told her why I was wearing a band aid.

-I'm now freaked out that I should go out and buy something from the grocery store for fear of Goose pointing out my small injury to her classmates and their families tomorrow (when the exchange is going down) and then saying something like "and my mom has AIDS" but meaning band aids, because she says things weird to make herself sound like she can speak another language. This affect plays out in my mind with stake burning, the CDC and vomitoriums being called upon.

-Ziggy and I got in a fight because he said he shouldn't be expected to care much since I injure myself on a daily basis. I pointed out that it wasn't true. He pointed to my skinned knee from the day before when I fell down the stairs.

-Having smacked him in the back of the head, I now vent here.

You'd eat the candy right?
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