Thursday, December 24, 2009
Why We Won't Win Any Parenting Awards

I'm not dangling Monkey over a ledge or pressuring Goose to be a major pageant diva, and yet, it's still not likely that I'll be nominated for Mother of the Year.


Well, let's just say I may have dragged Goose and Monkey onto certain rides at Disneyland that were beyond their maturity levels...

Ok, so the Haunted Mansion may have made them scream and cry, but you couldn't even hear Monkey once the music was going...

And sure, Hopper in A Bug's World may have tried to "annihilate" us while in our seats, but doesn't my reassurance that we're immune to bug poison count for something?

And Pirates of the Carribean really does have lots of interesting animals to see, so it wasn't wrong that I sold it was being something of a zoo ride.

For Goose and Monkey, I'm sorry if I emotionally scarred you. But if it's any consolation, Daddy and I had a great time!

(ok, they did cry, but calmed down after some reassurance. Except in a Bug's World, don't take your kids there unless they're budding masochists!)
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