Thursday, December 24, 2009
Santa, Baby
Hi, Ziggy.

Ok, so it's unlikely that Ziggy is actually reading this, but if I force him to, amaybe he;ll get the oh-so-subtle hint that we need a new bed?

Our poor Cal. King is older than we are and to make it to our house was folded in half and stuffed into his camper from his parents' house. That's right. The same bed that was a trampoline for Ziggy growing up, now resides in our bedroom--no wonder it sleeps like a hammock!

That's why I would love to win the Signature Series mattress giveaway over on Mommy Mandy's site.

These beds look wonderful in part because of the high coil count and wonderful options like ultra plus or cushion firm.Pus a king would be close enough to fitting my super-tall Ziggy, who has to sleep in a fetal position no matter what bed he's on!
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