Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Our Thoughts on Up

11 minutes. That's how far into this movie I got before I was crying. Even if you don't like animated movies, watch this. Up is amazing. Goose got a tiny bit scared at the end but I think it was worth it for her to see.

The story makes me think about Ziggy and I and our kids. It really is an adventure and I can only hope that we are as successful as Ellie and Carl of Up. You're being saved from sappy rhetoric here because Goose just woke up and is now rubbing her head on my arm.

Here's Goose's take:

I like that they met the dog and that it could talk. I thought that the dogs could fly, but they couldn't so they just all fell into the lake. I like that his house floated away from the builders who made so much noise (sounds like our house, I think she can relate.) They should watch Up; it's a great movie.
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