Wednesday, November 11, 2009
The Poor Man's Window Coverings

So there's this lady here in Sacramento that does this super cool stained glass work. She made the most amazing Bride of Frankenstein committed to colored glass I've ever seen (we're classy). But she's far too expensive to ever commission something for our weird windows, so instead, here's what Goose and I have been up to:

Faux Stained Glass!

Here's How:

1. We took the backside of the kids' craft paper, since I like to reuse like that. and painted it with watered down black acrylic paint. Let dry.

2. Cut out a pattern that you will trace onto the paper or freehand. (I just freehanded this whole thing with my super amazing X-acto knife and cutting mat.)

3. Cut out the pattern (or freehand, though be forewarned that it's easy to tear.)

4. Use colored tissue paper to back your openings. Goose painted the paper with a glue and water solution whilst I put bits of tissue across the negative spaces. This was the part that took the longest for us because we had to make a lot of the shapes work to curves. If you had a pattern of geometrics it would go much faster!

5. Hang and marvel at your work.

Ours turned out like peacocks meets Pink Floyd album art and I dig it.
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