Wednesday, November 18, 2009
How to Tell if Your Kid Knows Too Much

1. Does he/she place objects in mouth and swallow them?
(If yes, then don't worry about the rest of these questions and go watch your kid like a hawk or get him to his learnin')

2. Will he/she stay just out of reach whilst yelling the lyrics of a Banana Slug String Band song as you frantically try to figure out what's wrong with the aforementioned kid who doesn't know too much?
(If yes, he/she may know more than an eighth grade bio student and can read your crazed body language well.)

3. As you drive the one who is happy to stick anything in his mouth screaming to the doctor, does he/she diagnose the screaming child with actual illnesses like "conjunctivitis" or "appendicitis"?
(Yep, it's looking like your kid knows enough to make you freak out and sob..)

4. During the ever-so-unpleasant suppository round of the treatment of the fool who chews the tips off pens, does he/she stay far, far away from the bathroom?
(Then your baby is exceptionally intelligent and street savvy, good luck when she figures out she can manipulate you through discourse!)

Oh, Goose, please go easy on us.

Monkey, I'm so sorry for the bathroom episode. Let's leave it out of your baby book shall we?
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