Monday, February 1, 2010
It's a Boy!
In honor of my cousin's baby being born over the weekend, Ziggy and I went to see Legion.

Ok, it was in no way in honor or my cousin's baby (Congrats, and welcome, TJ!)--we just found ourselves with time, no kids and really wanted to see it.

The movie was pretty lame. I really love Paul Bettany's acting but that's about it. The story started out well, a bit of a creepy thriller like Gladys up there in that poorly edited clip, but it doesn't resolve in a very logical way, and that's with a very willing suspension of disbelief.

And while Ziggy and I didn't come off as the best parents for laughing at a 100+ mph car accident with a newborn being held in the front seat, we couldn't have been that much worse than the parents who brought their two and seven year olds. It was maybe twenty five minutes through the movie when the seven year old had to go sit outside. And the two year old? Slept through the whole thing!

So that's that. If you're not into Bettany, illogical religion, or guns (the official NRA movie critic is likely to give this two trigger-fingers up) then at leat you can take a good nap!
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