Friday, January 15, 2010
One Reason Goose Is My Best Friend

She Tells It Like It Is.

Maybe it's the four year old. Maybe it's the fact that her mom revels in correcting people, but Goose likes to keep it real.

So she'll tell me if my food stinks, or my shoes for that matter. And she tells me if my new voices for story reading are funny enough.

And when we were at Peet's today they had samples. And Goose grabbed hers and then with a look of utter shock she turned to me:

Mom! That lady just took three samples!

Shushing Goose as I finished up our transaction, I glanced over my shoulder to see the woman in question tossing a sample wrapper in the garbage and munching on one. Giving Goose the head shake to say "no more" we then chatted while I waited for my coffee. As I was putting on the lids the woman grabbed one more for the road.

Goose turned to me with her big eyes and said "Mom, that lady's a thief!" The woman glanced at me and what could I do but shrug?

Because Goose was right.
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