Monday, January 25, 2010
Just When you Thought it Was Safe...
Silly me!

I thought I could take a shower. The kids were playing at the train table and since I have my showers at like a military style, break-neck pace of five minutes and the door would be open I thought, "go for it!"

I was in the home stretch--toweling off when Monkey comes around the corner with a handful of blood.

My heart froze.

He was crying, but not in that "sister just beat the heck out of me" sort of way, more like the annoyed at being dirty sort of way.

Then I noticed the red cap in his hand.

And the tube on the ground.

Little Man had found the fake blood from Halloween. And despite the fact that our carpet is now permanently stained in (no exaggerations here) sixteen places, I'm relieved. It could have been so much worse!

Can I make a request that Crayola come out with a line of fake blood?
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