Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Dear Mr. Fforde- A Threat

Dear Mr. Fforde,

Know this. If you start another series, without giving us, your loyal readers more in your current series, I will find you and I will kick you. I don't know where I will kick you yet as my mind has not introduced a creative enough place; and it probably won't be very hard because at this point I've abandoned any strength training exercises--but it'll happen.

Don't get me wrong, I ended up really loving Shades of Grey, but where's the Nursery Crime? Where's Thursday? I'll accept more from the Chromatica series, but like I said, if you get some wild idea to write about a whole new world, with all new jargon and rules to pick up, sit on it, or I will kick you in the, hmmm... humerus? Am I tall enough? I need some suggestions.

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