Thursday, February 11, 2010
Are We Seriously Doing This?

This morning I was combing out Goose's hair. She was really excited about getting to play with her best friend and wanted to put in a headband on her own.

What ensued was perhaps the most ridiculous temper tantrum I've ever heard.

Goose: There, Mom. Done.
Me: You look very nice, Honey. Like David Bowie.
Goose: I don't look like Ron Bowie.
Me: David Bowie. You're hair is sticking up like his.
Goose: beginning to freak out I don't look like Ron Bowie!
Me: Nope, you look like a beautiful little girl with David Bowie's hair.
Goose: Unleashing the tears No I don't.
Me: Goose, do you even know who David Bowie is?
Goose: He's a goblin (The Labyrinth) and I'm not a boy. Shrieking and Crying I don't look like RON BOWIE!

It was then that I left her sitting on the floor screaming with her incredible set of pipes that even Ron Bowie would envy. Angry with me she stormed into her room and put a hat on her head.

I can't wait until the teen years...
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