Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Because I Can't Believe It

Why are there fifty fricking "Yes on Prop 8" signs down the street from our house? You won, get your garbage out of my sight! Why don't these people who knock on our door get it? We're all the same! I think that my husband has gotten a bit sick of me talking about it, but I really can't believe that Prop 8 passed. It's been almost forty years since the Stonewall Riots and yet there's prejudice and rights being stripped away. It makes my heart hurt for those out there that were planning on getting married on a special day and now can't. It pains me to think that my Little Man or Little Lady could someday (when they're older than 8 months and 3 years) realize someday that they are gay, then find that perfect person who loves them, and then can't be in a matrimonial state with them. It's ridiculous that anyone would say that gay marriage corrupts children, if anything it makes kids of same sex couples feel normal and it gives kids who are gay the ability to believe in fairy tale romance like any other kid (thank you, Disney, for that, by the way).

I feel terrible for those people in limbo who may have their existing marriages not recognized and I can't wait for a time when we will actually have a separation of church and state!
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